Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The First Sound - Religion

I was 13 when my best friend, Rachel, asked me if I believed in God. My kneejerk response then was, "Of course, doesn't everyone?"

But, clearly, everyone doesn't and her question lead me to ponder some of my own seemingly traitorous thoughts at the time (where I believe in something bigger than me, but not necessarily the American Christian God). I started by asking my parents about it, religion and God and all -- because I had (and have) an unnaturally healthy, adult-like relationship of trust with my parents, especially my Mom.

My parents talked and listened, best they could, citing that they'd drive me to any church I wanted to attend 'til I could drive myself. We had never attended a church, as both of my parents (raised Lutheran and Methodist) had had religion shoved down their throats until they were 18 and refused to do that with me. While I appreciate it now, at 13 it was quite the confusing quest.

A few weeks after Rachel's question, I came across Silver RavenWolf's To Ride a Silver Broomstick while at Barnes with my dad on one of our weekly trips there. I bought it while he was still browsing and snuck it home. That afternoon, I took the book out onto my favorite local biking/walking trail and poured over the pages. The more I read, the more I realized...I was pagan. That term is still something I haven't fully grown into, but it is the simplest way to explain my overlying belief system.

My mother found that book over Thanksgiving break of my 8th grade year and threw them away. Two years later, for Easter, she bought it for me again, simply saying, "I'd rather you believe in something than nothing. Be careful".

About the time I turned 18, I dedicated myself to a pagan path. Now, 10 years later, I am a minister of Summerland Grove Pagan Church. I have been practicing for over a decade and my path is more thoroughly defined as that of hearth/kitchenwitchery. I believe that magick is everywhere, but have been dubbed too down-to-earth for the likes of a lot of pagans.

I hesitated starting this blog with religion as my first post, but I tried to think back to the premiere event that shook up my world... and this was it.

SO, what are your experiences with religion or the lack of it. Has it introduced noise into your world, or is it something you ignore/practice out of habit or as a product of your raising?

Comments are verily welcome.